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Barking Spot Bakery & Boutique


Barking Spot Bakery was born from the idea to provide our disabled , medically fragile daughter a way to learn life skills and participate and engage in meaningful work.  Since I have been unable to work outside the home since she was born this was a perfect way for us to do something we love together and help provide for our family. 

We believe that our pets are not  just animals that live with us, they are family members and as such deserve the safest, highest quality treats and chews.  Over the last 5 years we have grown from a one table farm market vendor to a full service pet boutique.  Our goal is to be your trusted partner for supplying all of your pets' treats and chew needs.  We only work with the highest quality vendors that focus on human grade and safe ingredients.  We specialize in Himalayan Yak Cheese Chews that we carefully work with the best producers to provide. We have recently expanded to provide a fantastic line of unique Cat items including  Merino Wool toys, cat caves, cat puzzles, treats , chews  and more. 

We are excited to be growing our footprint at the Rustic Fox where we will be soon adding a very unique treat bar in addition to all our regular product lines.  Check our social media for our upcoming outdoor market schedules.

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Barking Spot Bakery & Boutique
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