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Colourfuljoy Designs

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Colourfuljoy Designs is a black-owned handcraft cement decor studio in Bronzeville, Chicago. Colourfuljoy comes from its own definition. Meaning lively, exciting, a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Jackeline, the creator and owner of Colourfuljoy Designs, is a talented artist, photographer, and designer who is inspired by color and believes in creating beautiful spaces that inspire creativity, dreams, and happiness. Her work reflects her passion for vibrant colors and has a positive impact on her clients' lives. She understands the power that color holds in transforming spaces and enhancing moods.

As an artist, she is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with cement, experimenting with new techniques and styles to create pieces that are truly unique. She has made it her mission to use color and design to create beautiful, unique pieces that bring joy, inspiration, and happiness to people's lives.

Our Studio is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to add color, style, art, and personality to their home. From our wooden wick candles, oval cement trays, planters, plant pots, decorative bowls, and more. All our pieces are meticulously crafted with the same level of care and attention, designed to make a lasting impression and bring joy and inspiration to every space they inhabit.

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Colourfuljoy Designs
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