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Larson's Country Market & Bake Shoppe


Larson's Country Market, Inc. is family-owned and operated right here in Leland, Illinois.   Our business began over 25 years ago by selling surplus produce from our large garden to friends and neighbors.  Selling produce at farmers' markets became our next venture in 1991.  Besides produce, we began selling jams, sweet breads, and pies.  We also expanded our acreage devoted to various fruits and vegetables.

We begin our growing season with our own homegrown fresh-cut asparagus around mid-April.  We raise all types of vegetables and fruits, as well as fresh-cut flowers, potted flowers, and of course our famous, huge, beautiful hardy fall mums.  

The bakery end of our business has also grown over the years.  We offer many different items at the farmers' markets we attend.  Our pies are baked, totally from scratch, just prior to our arrival at each market.  Many customers are thrilled when they get a pie (or two) still fresh and warm from the oven....this really puts a smile on their face!   

Large mouth-watering cinnamon rolls and other pastries are offered.  Over 20 types of cookies are available, candies, sweet breads, and yeast breads.  What sets us apart from typical bakeries of today is that our items are made "from scratch" by us, not pre-made by a large company, frozen, and then "baked off"...............................TASTE THE DIFFERENCE!!!

We strive to make and produce the best possible products for all of our customers.  What makes us happy is when they return and tell us how good our products are.  We pride ourselves with the hard work and quality put into everything we do.


Larson's Country Market & Bake Shoppe
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